Deschutes Brewery: Yo




Illustrator & Photoshop


Deschutes Brewery gave us the opportunity to create a new line of beer that is low to 0% alcohol. After interesting insight popped out of the data, the company’s research says that nearly 30% of 21-to-25-year-olds haven’t had a beer in the past month. This gave a new burgeoning market for consumers who don't drink alcohol.


The inspiration for this line came from the exotic fruits from Vietnam considering that’s where my parents grew up. I notice there isn’t any imported beer from Vietnam in American so I decided to create a beer line called Yo. The unique name comes from the Vietnamese language when cheering their drinks together saying the word “dzô”. When pronouncing it in English it spells out yo. The flavors for Yo are Dragon fruit, Lychee, and Durian. I thought this will bring a different taste to cider beers. The design choices are to use bright colors representing the fruits as well as the texture. I put the dragon in the logo because in Vietnam it represents yang, universe, life, existence, and growth. Considering the target audience for this beer. I hope this design will give another perspective on beer and representations of different cultures.

Final Deliverables